Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ramos Alarm Clock

Our search for a better alarm clock continues...and we've come across the Ramos Alarm Clock via Kickstarter. We love the nixie tube numbers on this one, but it is the "defusing" feature that we like the most. There is no snooze feature on this bad boy, but rather a panel for defusing the alarm mounted elsewhere in the room that requires you to get up and enter a code sequence to shut the alarm down. The premise is that you're now out of bed and had to think a little bit, so the likelihood of your going back to bed is diminished. A good feature for those chronic snooze slapping over sleepers. The nixie tube version is a little pricey, but the Soviet era nixie tubes themselves are no longer made, and the stock dwindles annually. You can make a donation to the cause, pre-order yourself one, or learn more here.

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