Monday, March 12, 2012

The Better Bacon Book App

So, you may fancy yourself a top shelf home gourmand, but it's our humble opinion that you haven't yet reached the pinnacle of home cooking until you've made your own bacon. The store bought variety, made heavier by being injected with water, is a total affront to the food world. We ourselves have dabbled with homemade slab bacon, and we were tickled pink with the results. The thing that surprised us most, other than the affordability of the procedure, was how simple it was to do. The Better Bacon Book App for the iPad clearly demonstrates that simplicity, but also gives you recipes for Canadian bacon, Face bacon, and Pancetta, but has speciality recipes like Guanciale. The book doesn't stop at the curing methods, but instructs you how to cook your new creation perfectly, build a smoker out of a metal trash can for less than $100, and has recipes for everything peripheral to the bacon itself, like desserts and cocktails. There are over 20 instructional videos, and plenty of pics for those who are more visual learners, and at only $4.99, we're betting that this is the best value in how-to books that you'll spend all year. Search your know it to be true. Everything is better with bacon....even PB&J. Available through the iTunes app store.

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