Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Medisana TargetScale

Winter has drawn to a close, and soon we will be forced to show the world all the damage we've done to our bodies over the winter. Of course, in a fit of equal parts embarrassment and shear terror, we have opted to kick our own asses with the Insanity work out program. This all being said, we need to track our progress start to finish, not just with physical abilities, but all sorts of biometric readings like BMI, water percentage and muscle and bone mass (the latter to finally confirm that we do have big bones). The above scale can do all that, and do it accurately. It'll store information for up to four separate users, and once you set some goal measurements, the rings start to change colour when you are zeroing in on victory. You can even track your progress with a free iPhone app. You can learn more here.

(via Gearpatrol)

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