Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paper by FiftyThree

Despite our love of everything that we post, we obviously can't have it all. We'd go broke pretty fast if we bought everything we endorse, and after a little over a year of doing this, we've determined that this site is both an exercise is curating good design and atmosphere from the net, and a bit of a wish list. We can however, and in fact did, buy this one for ourselves. A super user friendly, completely intuitive interface for really interacting with your iPad; saving and organizing jotted notes, design sketches, to-do lists, master plans, grocery lists, technical schematics, friends and enemies lists, bar tabs, crop reports, astrological charts, recipes, see where we're going. Words can't really describe how fun this can be, and we imagine with a stylus (we're going out and getting one tomorrow) this little app might be the first to really take the iPad's art capabilities to the level beyond mere technological curiosity and to an actual usable everyday masterpiece creator. Available through the iTunes App store.

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