Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scrabble Typography Limited Edition

Once a year we endeavour to have a vacation wherein we unplug ourselves from the electronic leashes and choke chains that we've become accustomed to wearing. It's nice to abandon the laptop, cell phone and iPad to actually read a book printed on paper, complete a Return of the Jedi jigsaw with 5 pieces missing, and to have a friendly game of Scrabble. But just because we're on vacation doesn't mean we give up geeking out on slick design, and therefore we're thinking of replacing the tired old game we usually play, and upgrading to the above. Featuring a beautiful walnut storage case with drawer, a six-panel magnetized game board lined with anti-slip cork, a minimalist solid birch cover, metal tile tacks and solid walnut tiles featuring some very designerly fonts...this scrabble board is more centre piece than board game. These will be available August 2012, and are available for pre-order here, but get on it. At press time, there were only 463 left. More pics after the jump.

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