Monday, March 19, 2012

White & White Clock

If you've been playing along with us from home, you'll know that we both hate our alarm clock, and are actively looking for a new one. We've covered many in our travels through cyber-space...some that we may even want to own ourselves. However, despite wanting one of each of them, we always had this nagging feeling that there was one around the corner that we were sure about. One that spoke to us, not only in a functional sense, but an aesthetic one as well. Are we there yet...we don't know...but we may be getting there with the White & White Clock. Simply's just numbers; beautifully simplistic numbers. It can be both left on the bedside, or mounted on the wall, and the creators were thoughtful enough to have it automatically dims based on the rooms ambient light, so as to not keep you up at night. You can see more, learn more and order here.

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