Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i love ugly

As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. Sure...there are a few hold overs from the previous spring and summer, and even fewer from the warm months the year before that. We have begun the annual cull that is swapping over wardrobes, and in doing so, have discovered that we are in need of a few new essentials, and even more things that are unessential...and if we think carefully, are probably down right frivolous but we want them none the less. In our search for something new we came across New Zealand clothiers "i love ugly." Having both a old fashioned look, yet maintaining modern cuts on the trousers and shirts, the label has a leg in both the modern skater and old time dandy camps. We were drawn to the 5 panel caps, shown above and after the jump, but like equally the afore mentioned trousers, and the short sleeve shirts. It would, however, take a man with some confidence to pull off some of the fabrics, but we think you can do it. You're smart enough. You're good enough...and dog gone it...people like you.

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