Monday, April 2, 2012

"Rodan" Honda CB750 by Bryan Fuller

The Honda CB750 may just be the most common motorcycle on the planet. They're literally everywhere, and can be had for very little money. Seriously....go have a look right now on Craigslist, we'll wait. However, having a CB750 such as the one above, one designed and built up by legendary hotrod and motorcycle fabricator Bryan Fuller, will take a little creativity and some serious experience on your behalf to equal. Our reason for posting it, aside from its obvious beauty, is that compared to the original, Mr. Fuller's version remains true to the era, but somehow looks completely modern. We're so happy that old Japanese bikes are trending right now. It puts bike customization in the hands of the masses, as you can accomplish a great deal with very little scratch, and bikes are so plentiful that you don't need to get into a bidding war to get your hands on one. More pics after the jump, including one of a stock CB750 for comparison.

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