Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trailer - Side by Side

There is an epic war brewing in the world of film making, in that we're slowly witnessing the demise of actual film stock shot movies for the more slick and adaptable digital format. Similar to the digital format dominating all things tech; from music, to still camera's, to how we receive our cable, digital tech is now waging war on the classic film camera used in shooting your favourite movies. Side by Side is a documentary about that war, and in it we see the opinions of the most powerful directors on the planet, and hear the arguement for both the preservation of film and the modern ease of shooting digitally. An intersting topic to be sure, and having heard arguements on both sides, we walk away agreeing with whomever we listened to last. We are however, left scratching our head wondering why both can't coexist, but that wouldn't be an interesting movie.

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