Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wavejet Propulsion Surfboard

The most difficult, or rather...exhausting thing about a day of surfing is the constant paddling, both out to the line-up, and then the furious few strokes to finally catch that wave. Now, this may be sacrilegious to the purists, but we are of the opinion that anything that can get you into more waves more often is a no brainer. The folks at Wavejet Propulsion have incorporated into all matter of water devices; be it boogie, paddle, gun, rescue, short or long board, a battery operated water induction propulsion motor. In layman's sucks in water and squirts it out the back to propel you along. Now...they're not cheap to be sure, but if you forgo your annual trip to Costa Rica just once, you'll catch exponentially more waves over the course of the year. Seems like a fair trade to us. You can learn more, see more and pre-order here.

(via Werd)

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