Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maritimo House by Seferin Aquitectura

In our seemingly never ending quest for, what would pass in our minds, as the perfect house, we came across the above. We obviously have modernist leanings, but despite that, we want to find a home that is contemporary and modern, and that has that lived in feeling of home. Generally, the modern architect chooses to show of his modern masterpiece filled sparsely with equally modern furnishing, which as most of you will agree, leaves the places looking cold. The Maritimo House by Seferin Aquitectura in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil manages to walk the fine line of contemporary modern design, and a timeless livability that is hard to achieve. In our humble opinion, they have managed this not by tweaking the shapes in and out of the home itself, but rather by mixing finishes, incorporating things like exposed brick and folk art tiles with concrete flooring and ceilings, and modern light fixtures. We'd move in tomorrow if we could. More pics after the jump.


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