Monday, June 4, 2012

Modernist Cuisine at Home

The books Modernist Cuisine: The Art & Science of Cooking was originally a six volume monster that even the most accomplished and brave home chefs found a little daunting, and dare we say, alienating. While impressive to have on your shelf, and super fun to read, you really needed to turn your kitchen into a laboratory and devote an awful lot of time for you to have any hope at being successful at some of the recipes. Recognizing this, the authors are preparing to re-release the books, trimming them down to one 456 page volume that is tailored to the home chef...being equal parts cook book and reference tool. While still exploring the Sous-Vide, a device that still has some catching on to do in the home kitchen, they do take some pretty cool risks with how to sous-vide fish in the kitchen sink and preparing a steak in a camping cooler. The book doesn't drop until October, but you can pre-order at Amazon. More pics there to.

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