Monday, July 30, 2012

Spin Clean LP Washer

We'll start by saying that if you consider yourself even the slightest fan of music, then you should really get yourself a turntable and spend some time with other music geeks flipping through musty volumes of classic 70's rock. Really and truly...and not just to sounds elitist, but those albums sound better on vinyl then on the more modern digital formats. Think about...they were engineered and mastered with the turntable in mind...not the CD, and definitely not the MP3. However, the hiss and crackle you hear that some find warm, charming and quaint sounding actually isn't supposed to the be there. All those noises are the sounds of dirt and grime in the the record's grooves making it's way through the cartridge and tone arm to your speakers. If you can live with it, then fine. However, you'd be amazed at how much better a clean LP will sound. The brushes are fine in a pinch, but for a truly clean record you need to wash it, and the Spin Clean is an affordable and super effective method. So set some time next weekend, and let's get Dylan and the Stones sounding like nature intended. More info available here.

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