Tuesday, August 21, 2012

T-Shirts by James Franco

In addition to actor, writer, artist, sometime student, director, soap star, awards show host, poet, and we're pretty sure he mowed our lawn last week, James Franco is now a fashion designer. Because he apparently can't sit still for like 5 seconds (which is the theme of the movie Cranked which he curiously did not star in) Mr. Franco has been working with 7 For All Mankind in the Fall/Winter 2012 multi-media campaign...for which he directed some short films (which you can preview here). While doing this, he snapped a series of polaroids that have now found their way onto a series of t-shirts for the brand. They will debut online next month and will set you back $89. We have a serious problem with charging that much for a t-shirt...but that's for another day as we could write a whole book about that.

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