Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

We posted this for no other reason than a trip down memory lane. You have to face it....the song is awesome, and the video even better, with Richard Ashcroft walking down a London street refusing to alter his path for anyone, with a swagger that only British rock star can have. Of note...what you are actually listening to (lyrics aside) is a sample from a classical version of The Rolling Stones song "The Last Time" by Andrew Loog Oldham. The Verve originally had permission to use the sample, and the royalties were to be split 50/50. However, the song became a monster, and with all that success that powers that be decided that the song borrowed a little too much of the original source material. Writing credits were changed to state Richards/Jagger, and 100% of the song profits were lost to its writers. When later asked if he felt bad about taking all the money from the Verve's biggest selling record, Keith replied, "If the Verve can write a better song, then they can keep the money." Touché!

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