Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trailer - Searching for Sugar Man

A documentary about the best musician that you've never even heard of. Everyone was expecting huge and amazing things for Rodriguez, even comparing him to Bob Dylan...but he faded away into obscurity. Rumours even had it that he had lit himself on fire on stage, and then pulled out a pistol and blew his brains out in front of his live audience. For the ones that knew of his genius, he was largely forgotten...except for in South Africa, where he was ├╝ber popular, and was actually the music that influenced a generation. The documentary is about the legend that is Rodriguez, finding him alive in a Detroit suburb, and igniting the career that was supposed to, but never happened. Of note...the film has a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film saw limited release last month, and we're sure that the DVD will available in short order. For your introduction and listening pleasure, we have posted the track "Rich Man's Hoax" after the jump. Also...Rodriguez is playing the Late Show with David Letterman this Tuesday, and for those closer to us geographically, he is playing the Venue on October 11th. For tour dates near you, go here.

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