Sunday, September 16, 2012

@Aroma Diffuser for Monocle

We are scent people for sure. Till this day, when one of us smells Calvin Klein's Obsession, we think back over twenty years to an early relationship that looms large in our past. And when we smell incense, we instantly think of the time we spent travelling around South East Asia. It's a smell that is peaceful, the memories pleasant, and as a matter of course we burn it constantly in our home. That, and we are crazy paranoid about our home being one of those homes that smells like soup. You know that one...that one kid you knew when you were a child whose house always smelled like soup when you walked in. If incense is too bold an odour for you and yours, Japanese aromatherapy company @Aroma have designed a diffuser that aims to offer a more subtle that compliments the space rather than invading it. Made from Hinoki wood, the included oil, a bespoke oil for Monocle that contains notes of cedar wood, sandalwood, and cardamom, slowly soaks into the diffuser for a slow and subtly released scent. It doesn't look too shabby either. You can pre-order on here. 

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