Sunday, September 9, 2012

Philips S10 Cordless Phone

We know what you're thinking...a landline? Bear with we think after hearing this out you'll get it and want one. For us, the mobile phone is king. So much so in fact that we ditched out land lines like six years ago. There is a downside however. We, as a matter of routine, leave our phone in the glovebox of the car, in a purse, in a gym bag, in a pair of jeans casually tossed on the bed, etc... Because of this laisser faire attitude to the placement of our phone, we are constantly missing calls and messages. We're sure it is a bad habit that we can correct...but who wants to waste their time with self improvement? With the Philips S10 Cordless Phone, as long as your cell is with in 50 meters of you mobile, you'll get the call. Using the crazy black magic that is Bluetooth technology, the S10 lets you sync with two wireless phone numbers, and one landline if you're into that whole retro thing. You have full access to your phonebook, which is pretty much a necessity as we have a hard time remembering 911, and because it is seemingly visually inspired by the iPhone in every way, it looks as possibly good as it can. There is no word on pricing or release timelines as of yet, however we thinks it'll be sometime around the holiday shopping season.

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