Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines

Funny story: a friend and I, having newly discovered the Black Keys, went to see them in a small Vancouver club when they were beating the road in support of their awesome album "Rubber Factory." We were toiling away on the night shift, and decided to play hooky for couple hours, and walked to club to watch the show, and as a added measure to ensure we wouldn't be viewed as the slackers we really were, we would then be back in time for the end of shift. However, because we were skipping work, we literally waited until the last possible minute to leave and make our way to the Red Room. That being said, and upon arriving at the impossibly tiny venue, we were disconcerted to learn that there was not a single spot left where the stage was visible, meaning we would be enjoying the sound from the clubs foyer, but forgoing the visuals altogether. At this time we decided to hazard a journey forward into the heart of the locale to see if we could find an optimal viewing angle, ending up directly beside the stage with a panorama of Patrick Carney's drum set, and immediately adjacent Dan Auerbach's amplifier. Knowing that there was no way we would be permitted to remain there, we were quietly and privately discussing our impasse when our compatriot exclaimed that we might as well leave if we can't see the stage. The perfection in the timing of that statement cannot be overstated, as at that precise moment in time the band was taking the stage. Upon hearing this hollow threat, Dan Auerbach, like a blues guitar playing angel, looked us in the eye and stated politely but emphatically "you guys can stand here if you want," pointing to a place on the side of the stage behind a serendipitously placed stage light support post. It was from that unanimously perfect spot on the wing of a rock show, where our ears were assaulted by crashing cymbals, a humping kick drum, and a sobbing blues guitar that will forever haunt our dreams...and where we were branded as Black Keys fans for life. Why did we tell you that? Their new video for "Little Black Submarines" reminds us of that night, and if you are the one of the remaining dozen or so people that haven't run out grabbed yourself a copy of "El Camino," stop worrying about conformity and just get it already. As clearly illustrated above, Dan and Patrick are nice guys, completely deserving of your support.

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