Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zebra F-701

The details are important....right down to the pen you sign your name with. However..we all can't run out and by a Mont Blanc Meisterstück instrument; mostly because the basic Meisterstück classique starts at $395. That's $400 for a "writing instrument" that feels nice and smooth in the hand, but at the end of the day, still only signs your name. Besides, a "writing instrument" like that doesn't suit everyone. For the people who enjoy a more durable and functional design to their "writing instrument", we recommend the Zebra F-701. Super durable, being fashioned from stainless steel, and a design that is the military humvee of the pen world. At only $8, a comparable pen will cost you over 4 times as much. And...if you had to go all Joe Pesci and Goodfella a guy in the throat for all the disrespect he just showed you, we'll choose the Zebra every time.

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