Thursday, October 4, 2012

B&O Play A9 Speaker

B&O s@#$ is so sexy that we can hardly stand it. We want one of everything! The newest in the line of audio and video sex appeal is the A9 Speaker...which is by far the largest in the Play category of toys from B&O. Housing two 3/4" tweeters, two 3" midrange speakers, two 80 watt class D amps to power them both, and an 8" sub with its own 160 watt amplification source, this thing should fill your space with some crystal clear sound. But let's be real about this...the guts of this thing are stellar to be sure, but that is not why people want B&O. They want the sexiest piece of kit money can by, and the Play A9 delivers that is stark Scandinavian spades. Available at B&O stores just in time for Christmas. With regards to price, if you have to ask...



  1. It looks awesome, but how does it sound? That's the important thing... to me anyway. I'd rather have awesome-sounding headphones than a fancy looking speaker that sounds like crap :)

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