Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lacie Porsche Design External Hard Drive

We still rock the first gen of Porsche Designs Lacie hard drive, and we are pleased to say that it's still going strong, and looking every bit as cool as it did the day we bought it. The tech geeks gods have shone on us however, as Lacie and Porsche Design have done it again, releasing upon the unsuspecting masses an even more beautiful and thinner (thinner means better apparently) hard drive, with the perfect German name of P'9923. For about a $100 you can get the 500GB version sporting a standard spinning hard drive...but for those of us that thinks speed matters, spend an extra $50 and upgrade yourself to the  120GB Solid State Drive, capable of transferring date at 400mb per second. That's dirty nerd talk for fast. Did we mention that this is especially designed for use with Macs. Makes sense...if you bought a PC you obviously don't care what your things look like, and therefore you wouldn't be interested in this (cheap shot).

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