Monday, October 8, 2012


This is pretty much the final word in regards to keyless entry to your home or apartment. It is something that we didn't even know we needed until we saw the video explaining all the amazing things that this can do. First of all, no locksmith is required, as this nifty gadget slides over your existing deadbolt. Using your iPhone, you can lock or unlock you door from pretty much anywhere on the planet, handy if you want to grant access to your place while you're away. Our favourite feature however, is the Bluetooth 4 proximity feature, meaning that when you approach the door with your phone in your pocket the door automatically unlocks...and then upon your egress will lock itself again all by itself. No more wondering if you forgot to lock the door. There is even a door knock sensor that will send you a text if someone is knocking on the door. The Lockitron uses the same encryption tech that banks use for online banking, so there will be no security issues. But to truly appreciate this thing, you really have to see it in action. Hit the jump to see the video, and once convinced this is something for you, go here to get yours.

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