Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Doom & Gloom

All of a sudden the Stones are everywhere, but after all, this is their 50th anniversary year. We think that's gold if we're not mistaken...just in case you're thinking of getting them something. Out shortly is yet another greatest hits package from them, this one aptly titled "Grrrr." On it you can expect to find the familiar favourites, and some of the greatest rock songs ever written. You can also find a new tune here and there, like the one above, Doom & Gloom. They express so eloquently the pulse of the world right now, and prove that despite being nearly 70, they still have plenty of relevance...and we hope, with baited breath and fingers crossed, a tour in the works. And hey, Keef, Mick, Ronnie and Charlie, if you read this and are planning a show in the Vancouver area, we'd sure love us some tickets.

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