Monday, October 22, 2012

Where Chefs Eat

Every time we meet a chef we have the same question...where do you like to eat? And most times, we are surprised by the answer. There is no better way to find out what is good, who's doing interesting things with interesting ingredients, and where can you get something cheap and good than to ask a cook. We have noticed some common threads though...most chefs slum it when they're out of the kitchen, the fancier the food they prepare themselves, the lower they seem to go on the hierarchy of food list (see Hot Dog), and they always seem to crave food that they can't prepare themselves. Well, we can stop asking that question for while, as Phaidon  is about to drop Where Chefs Eat, a compendium of over 400 chefs offering up over 2300 recommendations for a bite from cities all over the globe. Sure to be a very entertaining read, will most likely get you somewhere you'd never find on your own, and will definitely please you more than the reviews on Yelp. More info here.

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