Monday, November 19, 2012

Samuel Adams 10th Anniversary Utopias

This is rarer than a Chateau Lafitte Rothchild, and a fraction of the price...and at 29% alcohol and being more cognac or brandy than actual beer, you see why the folks at Sam Adams are even reluctant to call this a beer. Being a blend of multiple batches of beer, including the original '93 triple bock, the Utopias is aged in rum, bourbon, and port barrels. According to Sam Adams, Utopias is full of elegant, dark fruit aromas: fig, chocolate, raisin, vanilla, and a slight spice. Being limited to 20,000 bottles, this will not be easy to get your hands on, and at $190 a bottle, we doubt very much you're going to chug this while watching the game. A finer beer retailers, however we are having a difficult time ourselves finding one.

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