Sunday, December 23, 2012

Iron & Air Magazine

It says magazine in the title...but don't be fooled, as this is much more than a simple magazine. If we think back, and draw comparisons from our university days, we'd say this is more in the vein of a peer reviewed periodical than a magazine. The first thing that struck us is the beauty of the of the most gorgeous we've ever seen, having us flipping through the entire book front to back before reading a single word. Second thing that grabbed us is the photography; very high quality and well composed, and obviously taken by someone who loves the subject matter. But let's be frank, this publication is about custom motorcycles, and that is at the centre of every issue. Some of the most thoughtfully designed, and beautifully wrought machines that we have ever had the good fortune to lay our eyes on. To be completely honest, we read all of the first four issues in one sitting, and appropriately had dreams of racing through the hills on a custom machine of our own. If there is someone that loves motorcycles and motorcycle culture in your life, we suggest getting them just one. They'll be hooked, and you'll have cred with them in spades. Right now you can get the first four issues in their digital format for $12....which is a hell of a deal considering they average 114 pages with next to no advertising. That being said, after seeing how slick this publication is, we're asking Santa for the print editions. Go here to see and learn more.

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