Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap

We are so not down with synthetic scents. Nature has already provided us with olfactory satisfaction, and all we need to do is open our nostrils and respectfully and responsibly harvest. The folks at Juniper Ridge take that to a whole other level, travelling up and down the West Coast of the US, to places like Big Sur, San Jacinto, Yuba River, Siskiyou, and the Cascade Glacier, looking for excellent scents like black sage, hedgenettle, cedar, douglas fir, and jeffery pine. They have just dropped their new Trail Crew Soap, coming in 7 distinct blends based on the region where the ingredients were harvested. You can go here to see and learn more...but don't stop there. They have a mighty fine range of soaps, colognes and room sprays to give you direct access to the West Coast outdoors.

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