Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rising Tide Stencil & Tee from Ace Hotel

This sentiment is as meaningful now as it was four decades ago when it first started showing up in the mainstream, originally as an ad campaign by a creative agency, Daniel & Charles, for Booth’s House of Lords English gin. It was a precursor to the anti–conformist movements in American culture that catapulted a new generation out of mid–century squaredom. Protest is a call to action, and source for inspiration, creativity and change. Protest is the birthplace of possibility, a generative, nimble salvation for the individual and the collective from the lures of conformity that meet us in every decade, every movement — a celebration of spirit. That all being said...putting it on a tee seems the antithesis of the sentiment, but we like it all the same. You can get yours here.

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