Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trailer - Sound City

Chances are, even you are a passing fan of rock music, you own an album that was recorded as Sound City recording studios. It has recorded more top charting, classic albums than perhaps any other studio on the face of the planet, and despite a shabby first impression, leaves most who spend time there as a gigantic fan. Dave Grohl (yes, that Dave Grohl) who recorded the iconic Nevermind with the band Nirvana at Sound City, was inspired to create this documentary after purchasing several items from the studio, including the ultra-rare analog mixing console, upon the studios demise in 2011. The movie charts the history of the studio, and finishes with the recording sessions, whereby Dave invited some icons of music that recorded there (and some not, i.e.; Paul McCartney) to get together and jam, writing songs on the spot, and demonstrating the human element of creating and recording music...something that can be totally lost in today's modern, digital studio environments. Dave has also managed to cut an album of these new great songs, the first of which was debuted on SNL this past Saturday, with the remaining members of Nirvana backing up frontman Paul McCartney. Both the film and album are available for pre-order here, the movie dropping February 1st, and the album mid March.

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