Thursday, January 31, 2013

Andy Warhol + Tim Bessell Surfboards

Tim Bessell, shaper and purveyor of the most advanced surf boards on the planet; boards utilizing unique construction techniques such as carbon stringers and carbon tape construction, has recently collaborated with the Estate of Andy Warhol to produce a limited run of surf boards. To be sure, these are some of the best looking surfboards ever created, and would give you pause as to whether to use them on your next vacation or your morning ride before work, or rather hang them as an art piece on the wall. However, these are not loosely shaped boards pushing more the art connection rather than the performance aspect of the instrument underneath. All boards in this limited quiver are based on some of Tim’s time and performance tested models, from long boards to big wave guns, and putting to use his years of experience, having shaped over 46000 boards over his esteemed career. Obviously, a custom shaped surf board, let alone one with art wholly endorsed by the Estate of Andy Warhol, is not an inexpensive proposition, but you’d be surprised at how little one of these will set you back; especially taking into consideration that each model is limited to a run of 10. This is truly, without any exaggeration, probably not come by again. If you’d like to see more, both of the Warhol + Tim Bessell Collaboration or some of Tim’s other boards, you can have a look here.

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