Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beck's Song Reader

Long before the internet, before television, before radio, even before the phonograph, if you wanted to here a song you had to see a band or musician play it live. For songs to get popular, sheet music had to be acquired, songs learned, and then played. It was a bit of a blend of what the writer wanted and the performers individual style. Musical vanguard Beck likes this idea, and chose not to record his latest album, but rather release it in the form of sheet music, leaving musicians to interpret the written notes in their own way. In Vancouver tonight for example, there is a show with a few bands playing and recording their versions of some of the songs. Pretty cool eh? There are beck songs being recorded and put online almost daily, and in every imaginable genre, and even in some genres that are yet to be defined. Go to Beck's Song Reader website to see some of the performances and hear the new tunes. It is very cool.

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