Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beolab 15 & 16

We regret dismissing B&O last night in our Samsung TV post. We, by now, should know that B&O steps up to the plate consistently and re-invents our home video and audio gadgets as a matter of routine. The have just dropped the Beolab 15 integrated active speakers and the Beolab 16 subwoofer and rack ready amplifier 1(yes...those circles in the wall in the picture above). While most integrated systems do their very best to blend into the surroundings and to be unobtrusive, the Beolab 15 & 16 do there best to look like all B&O an art installation. The speakers are mountable to the ceiling, but we recommend the wall for the full visual effect. The speakers are motorized so you can angle them to suit the room or your listening preference. The system will be available later this month for a nice price tag of $4595...from reputable B&O dealers. You can see and learn more here.

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