Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Douk-Douk Folding Knife

Popular in the former French colonies since 1929, and used by the Army and French Foreign Legion, Douk-Douk knives have a reputation of strength and reliability. Almost elegant in its simplicity, the French Douk-Douk Knife is a single carbon steel blade with a gunsmith blackened style folded steel handle. They make perfect pocket knives since they’re flat and lightweight and are robust enough to use as an all purpose knife. CoolMaterial has them.


  1. What a great looking folding knife! I love the markings on this one and it looked quite elegant, indeed. Ever since my dad gave me my first folding knife, I was hooked! I appreciate the workmanship and maker of different folding knives in the market. I admit, I'm quite partial to the Victorinox for its strong brand and durability. Although, I'm quite open to trying different knives to widen my experience, as well. One thing I won't do though is buy substandard and low-quality knives. When you're camping outdoors, it pays to have a trusted pal with you! For more information on quality knives, look no further

  2. When it comes to the fully serrated edge of a pocket knife you will find it is perfect for cutting through the tough materials that a straight edge blade would never be able to get through. Buy best knife