Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Elfa Shelving

Fairly straight forward to install, completely customizable, and cheap, cheap, cheap...Elfa Shelving Systems are a cure you the chaos that is in your home. Exploring options our own home wherein we can exploit the vertical space and get things off the floor in order to reduce clutter and open up the room, we came across Elfa. Very similar to VitsÅ“ by famed industrial designer Dieter Rams, but a fraction of the cost, Elfa can be ordered in its individual pieces for a complete custom install designed by you to suit your needs, be it a home entertainment centre, a basic bookshelf, a closet organizer, or even a wall mounted desk, the Elfa Shelving System can literally do it all. And lucky for you, the Container Store has all the parts on sale at the moment, so you can tackle that re-org on the cheap. 

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