Thursday, January 24, 2013

Le Petit Cartable Leather Messenger Bag

It is no secret we have a small obsession with finding the latest and greatest in bags, purses and luggage so imagine how excited we were to discover Le Petit Cartable, a leather messenger bag designed by an oh so perfect Parisian couple named Leo & Violette. We actually struggled with which promo shot to best grab your attention since this bag is so damn versatile that we would have had to show you their entire lookbook to best explain the complete design. Created for the fashion savvy who also require a practical way to carry and fit their iDevices, this truly unisex accessory can be worn over the shoulder, on your back, held like a briefcase or clutched tight to your chest while you hug all that is wonderful about well-designed bags.....OK that last one might be reserved just for us but we challenge you not to love it as much as we do after reviewing their Kickstarter campaign and website here.  

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