Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Samsung S9 UHD 4K Television

Move over Bang & Olufsen...cuz you no longer corner the market on sleek, lust worthy tech design. The forthcoming offering from Samsung, just might be the sexiest TV ever made. But lets overlook the obvious, and move past what is a stunning piece of sculpture for the home. Our minds are drawn to the size, the smallest iteration being a massive 85 inches, and then moving on up to a staggering 110 inches. As we right this, we are looking at our 55 inch TV and imaging what this would look like in its place. From there we go to the 4K, which for the uninformed, is the next step in high definition, having twice the definition of your current 1080p blu-ray content. We know what you're thinking, there is nothing currently available on television broadcast in 4K. That's fine, as this bad boy has an upscaling engine that takes the standard content that the rest of the plebes are watching, and converts into UHD (ultra-high-definiton). No word on pricing yet, as it just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show...but we're told that it won't be cheap. 

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