Thursday, January 17, 2013

Support Livestrong - A Brief Editorial

The following may not be a popular opinion, because as a mob (mainstream society that is) we love to tear down our idols, but we think that Lance Armstrong is getting a bit of a bum wrap. How many interviews with competitive cyclists (barring the ones that are writing a "tell all" or are planning to sue Lance for some perceived grudge) do you see being interviewed on television defending the sport of professional cycling, and screaming, in shock, for the head of Lance Armstrong. That's right...none! Have you ever seen anything from the governing body of professional cycling other than a carefully worded press release? No interviews, no tough questions being answered, no tales of reinventing the sport to prevent things like this in the future. This is because the professional world of cycling is not just rife, but is saturated with performance enhancing drugs. It is widely known, is widely tolerated, and if you were shocked by the sudden admission of the indiscretions of Lance Armstrong, then give us a call, 'cause we have a bridge to sell you. What we are collectively doing, is punishing the best cheater, or rather, the best athlete among the cheaters. We go on about the athletic careers that may have been had it not have been for the pumped up dominance of Lance, but believe us, someone else would be in this exact same position had Lance never existed. Lance is taking one of the chin for an entire sport, a sport he single handedly breathed new life into, made a household name in North America, inspired an entire generation to take up as a hobby, and oh yah, started one of the most successful cancer charities on the face of the earth, raising over $470,000,000 since 1997 for cancer research. What an asshole eh? Chances are, there are thousands of people alive today thanks to Livestrong, and all we as a collective give a shit about is whether we've been duped or not. We will not be watching Oprah's parasitic train wreck that is Lance Armstrong's attempt at redemption. We'll continue to flip the finger at the TV every time a talking head or so called "expert" has the guts to ask the tough questions of Mr. Armstrong. While he deserves some form of comeuppance for his failings as an honest athlete, the sport that is trying its very best to distance himself from the "scandal" deserves the bulk of the blame. You'll excuse us if we choose to dwell on the unsurmountable amount of positive things he has done for the world, and skip right on past all this bullshit.

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