Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello Again: Beck - Sound & Vision

What started as a simple cover of Bowie's awesome Sound and Vision, moved away from just an alternate version of the song and went in the direction of a more literal translation of the song title. Performed with 170 musicians, recorded in 360 degree binaural sound, shot in standard format as well as with three 360 degree camera's, and having interactive viewing utilizing the webcam on your computer to adjust the viewing angle based on your heads orientation; this is something truly special to behold. That, and Beck with 170 piece backing band do total justice to this classic, and we're sure that Bowie must be happy with the end result. We are sure we're not doing the explanation of how cool this is justice, so please move on to here to experience it all for yourself. A word of warning however...it's a big production, and will take a little while to load the HD version...and we recommend waiting it out for the HD content. Enjoy!

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