Sunday, March 10, 2013

We will admit that we have a minor obsession with everything that has to do with classic Volkswagen and Porsche. In a perfect world we'd have a 1969 VW Type 3 Variant for our daily driver, a bay window Bus for extended getaways, and a classic Porsche 911 or 912 for some weekend fun. We dream constantly of how we'd make a personal stamp on the cars, making them our own specific vision so to speak. And knowing VW and Porsche enthusiasts and their passion for the marks, we were not surprised in the least to come across What started in 2001 as a means to explore the options of customization for the iconic VW bus, from colours, accessories, wheels and even ride heights, has now branched into classic Beetles, Type 3's and even the Porsche 911. Our only regret with finding this site is that we know our workplace productivity will plummet to new lows. 

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