Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tim Timebomb & Friends

One of the hold overs from our misspent youth is our love of Rancid. When we first discovered them in 1994, we were enamoured with, for the lack of a better term, their revivalist punk sound. In that sound, and essentially critical to it, is the voice of Tim Armstrong. His barely in key snarl is key to the punk rock sound, and his do-it-yourself ethos critical to its success. Under a pseudonym, and with a varying array and ever changing cast of supporting members, Tim has been relentlessly at work recording new material for a side project (RockNRoll Theatre), as well as various covers and rancid classics. Starting on October 29th last year, Tim has released a new single everyday, first on youtube and the available for purchase on iTunes. It total, there are 93 available. There are some pretty interesting choices (Lodi, Summer of 69, There's a Hole in my Bucket), and interesting takes on classic songs. It was nearly impossible to pick just one, but we were feeling the whole So Cal punk thing and opted for a great cover of Social Distortions "Bad Luck."

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