Monday, April 22, 2013

Converse for Inventory Magazine One Star Academy

We took a little break from the reality of our day today (weather was gorgeous today in Vancouver) and took a lovely little stroll past some of our favourite shops. In that list is always Inventory, home to both an impeccably curated showroom, and of course the unbelievably well-put-together magazine. It was a little busy, so we peered longingly through the window and opted to carry-on with the goal of returning another day. In retrospect, that was a mistake, as we would have loved to have an in person look at the updated version of the Converse One Star Academy done under the careful eye of the folks at Inventory. We choose to put on display the Navy version because we're in this whole navy blue phase, but they also come in a beautiful shade of antique white. You can see and learn more here.

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