Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mad Season - Black Book Of Fear

For the uninitiated, Mad Season was a supergroup from the pinnacle of the 90's era grunge sound. Featuring Layne Staley (Alice In Chains), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), John Baker Saunders (The Walkabouts), and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), they released just one critically acclaimed album titled "Above," which featured the popular single River Of Deceit. It was, and still is, an excellent album. There was a follow-up record planned, however John (and later Layne) died of a drug overdose. The album was recently re-released in an special anniversary 3 disc edition, and features 3 unreleased tracks from the afore mentioned and never-to-be-released follow-up record. The vocals to the tracks were performed by Mark Lanegan, whom if you don't own any of his music you are sorely remiss (buy the albums Bubblegum and Blues Funeral, in that order). Check out the track Black Book Of Fear posted above, of which you can happily own, along with the other unreleased tracks Locomotive and Slip Away, through iTunes. the whole album while you're there. As a bonus, we've posted the video for River Of Deceit after the jump.

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