Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dave Shore Dragon Art Show & Auction

This year, the world lost a legend and an icon. Dave Shore was a tattoo artist of mythical proportions, and his loss to the tattoo community is immeasurable. To provide the uninitiated some context, Dave opened Dragon Tattoo in Vancouver in 1971. He tattooed along side some of the most famous names in the tattoo world; Ed Hardy, Zeke Owens, Mike Malone, Horiyoshi, Luke Atkinson, Corey Miller, Paul Jeffries and Hanky Panky to name a few. He himself would admit that he observed his fellow artists relentlessly, stealing ideas and techniques from everyone he saw and incorporating them into his own style. His adventures and associations with these legendary characters was a link to a past history that every tattoo artist today owes a debt of gratitude to. At a time when very few people were pushing the craft forward or in new and bold directions, Dave was a vanguard, learning as much as he could and expanding peoples perception on what tattooing could be. To the young guns in the tattoo community, Dave was much more than simply a historic figure; he was a mentor and a friend. Earlier this year, on the very day that he was to shutter the doors of his shop to enjoy his golden years, Dave passed away. In tribute to Dave Shore's memory, artists from all over who have been touched by Dave, either directly or indirectly, have donated pieces of original Dragon themed art for auction, all proceeds of which go to Dave's widow Gemma. We have posted several pics after the jump for your perusal, but highly encourage you to log into your Facebook account and go here to see more. There are more pieces of art being added daily, so check back ofter to find another original gem to call your own.

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