Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hot Sauce Cookbook

We find ourselves wanting spicier and spicier food. We heard that once you start liking spicy food, you want increasingly spicy meals, which is something that we can anecdotally support. Normal meat and potato western type meals are no longer acceptable very often, and we find us seeking out more flavourful and spicy additions in out of the way marketplaces. However, a good idea for us might be concocting our own ass blasting potions, and we therefore resort to the above. The Hot Sauce Cookbook has over 60 recipes, including stand outs like homemade Rooster Brand Hot Sauce, Indonesian Sambal and Meso-American Salsas. It also features 50+ spice-centric meal and drink recipes, including our personal favourite, the Mexican Michelada. Book is available wherever they sell books.

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