Thursday, May 16, 2013

Porsche 918 Spyder - First Flogging

Ferrari dropped the LaFerrari (leader for the dumbest name ever), Lamborghini dropped the Aventador, and Mclaren dropped the P1. All batshit crazy examples of hypercars that are competing with one another for how fast they can kill you. However, you make anything light enough and put a big enough engine in it and it is pretty much guaranteed to kill you, so for us, the exercise is getting a little boring. Porsche however wants to kill you in not just luxury, but in the most environmentally way prepare to die in a hybrid. Now mind you, this is not any hybrid, this is a 887 combined horsepower hybrid. So before you go out a but yourself a tweed blazer with suede elbows and turn you smug up to 11 cuz your saving the earth, you have to watch the video that we've posted after the jump. Esteemed auto-journalist and hooner extrordinaire Chris Harris is given some pretty rare access to a pre-production 918, and he doesn't run it about town getting groceries. You know when the Porsche engineer sitting next to you looks like he's about to shit himself that you're doing a good job. 

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