Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rebels Without A Pause - Induction of Public Enemy Into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Give up two minutes of your time and show respect for the induction of P.E. into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Pioneers of hip-hop, challengers of the status quo, the worlds most dangerous music group; all descriptors used to label an unclassifiable force. The poetry of Chuck D preached enlightenment, and woke up black America, rocked the foundation of white America and eventually rocked the world. Being white suburbanites ourselves during their rise to fame, they opened us up to a whole world that we did not know existed, a struggle that despite the civil rights movement, was still very much alive, and  still is today. We weren't their target audience, that much is certain, but nevertheless, they impacted us with such force that to this very day we carry their message in our heads and our hearts. We can't say it enough...but much respect, and congratulations. 

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