Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Splinter Works Vessel Hammock Bathtub

We're not ones for having a bath. Personally...lying in a tub full of the filth you just washed off yourself is not our idea of getting clean. However, we would be willing to make an exception should we have an opportunity to bathe in the slick carbon fibre Vessel Hammock Bathtub by Splinter Works. Not much of an explanation necessary as to why this is as cool as f@#$, but let us explain some of the less than obvious features. For one, being constructed out of carbon fibre makes this tub light enough to be wall mounted (reinforcement necessary of course), and the hollow carbon fibre is filled with an insulated foam core for keeping the bath water nice and warm. We've always felt that in our own bathroom, the shower is king, and that given the choice we'd forgo the tub altogether. However, if we were people of some means, this tub would be front and centre in the ensuite. You can see and learn more here.

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