Monday, August 5, 2013

Luke Wessman in Inked Magazine

If you are a man, or are into men, then you either yourself want to be, or have the men in your life be more like Luke Wessman. There is no mistaking him for being the quintessential old school man, bearded, fashionable, cool, covered in tats, and a haircut so tight you could set your watch to it. What makes him a man to be admired though is his hash tag #lostartofthegentleman, wherein he espouses the virtues of treating women with dignity, respect and some old fashioned chivalry. He is definitely someone deserving of the title "role model." Hell, I'm a grown-ass man and I look up to him. There's a great interview of Mr. Wessman in the new Inked Magazine that is totally worth checking out, and you can keep up with his gentlemanly ways and see what he's up to here.

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