Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elvis Costello & The Roots - Walk Us Uptown

How f@#$ing cool is this. Rock legend Elvis Costello and hip-hop icons The Roots get together and lay down an album together. This makes us so happy we can't even begin to put words to it. Weird personal anecdote to this story: maybe three years ago we were watching Jimmy Fallon and Elvis was the musical guest. He played with The Roots as his backing band, and they were wickedly tight together...so tight one would have though they had been playing together for years. Elvis's High Fidelity has literally never sounded better. So...two days later we are in line with our daughter at Whole Foods in West Van, and waiting in line immediately adjacent to us is Elvis. Usually not being prone to gushing, we couldn't help ourselves and comment on how good the Jimmy Fallon show was, adding that him and The Roots went together like peas and carrots. He agreed, we talked music and The Roots for a bit while he doted over our infant daughter. He was super cool, and he turned a fan into a super fan. I'm happy to see that a few years later he still thinks The Roots are the shit...enough so that an album was a no brainer. 

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